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Damage to the hair caused by external factors, such as the constant exposure to pollution and uv rays, together with chemical and mechanical treatments, is an increasingly frequent concern. Silky hair reconstruction is the solution to revive hair and give them a second life, thanks to an innovative phcontrol technology and high performing natural ingredients.


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Apart from a perfect cut and colour, nowadays the priority isalso to maintain a healthy hair and scalp. our laboratories havetherefore devised a complete professional ritual for the salonwhich also includes products for maintenance at home, entirelyconceived for hair repair and reconstruction.the silky reconstruction system is based on the highest performingnatural ingredients, combined with powerful and exclusive cleancosmetic technology and an incredible sensory experience.

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When hair is stressed due to environmental factors or treatments, whether chemical or mechanical, its original structure tends to change, leading to a greater opening of the cuticles and consequently an increase in porosity. porosity, in the “low-medium-high” levels, is the most frequent cause of the main hair imperfections. silky hair reconstruction works precisely on controlling and maintaining the right porosity, using an innovative technology that governs the ph of the hair and nourishes it externally and internally for both immediate and long-term reconstruction. silkyph-c5 technology is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that, combined with mineral salts and incorporated into a5-step ritual, helps to quickly achieve optimal hair health.

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The extreme repairing and restoring efficacy of the products is combined with an incredible sensory experience created by rich, soft and voluptuous textures and an intense and captivating fragrance. the olfactory notes of peach and lemon are perfectly balanced with those of ylang, jasmine and nutmeg, finally blending with the captivating woody notes of musk, patchouli and cinnamon essential oil.

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