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Well-being through hair care

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Essential & Performing

It is an essential, pure, slim brand. It goes straight to the point to respond specifically to the needs and wishes of modern customers: colour, care, finishing, silky offers everything necessary for a healthy, always up-to-date look. The silky woman is contemporary, pragmatic, not influenced by passing fashions, yet is nevertheless interested in all that is elegant, natural and not excessively artificial.


A brand conceived and produced in italy and present in more than 80 countries around the world.


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Silky well-caring

Personal care through hair care as the main goal of the brand. The treatments are targeted, dedicated to improving the particular condition of the hair thanks to the synergy of technological and natural ingredients, never superfluous. The formulas contain only what is needed for immediate effectiveness. Care and strictness give a healthier and more beautiful image.

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Essential & Specific

Product systems are part of a slim, lightweight, and easy-to-use structure for both the hairdresser and the end consumer. Each product is designed to meet specific hair and scalp needs. From colour to finishing to hair nutrition, the line is essential and specific without dispersion between often unnecessary accessory products.

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Open the way to new possibilities


Silky is inspired by essentiality, purity and rigor and transfers these values to every product line. It responds specifically to the needs of modern and more demanding customers. The high technological content combined with natural active ingredients give rise to highly performing formulations with proven efficacy. Only the best for your hair: colour, care and finishing treatments for a healthy and always up-to-date look. The well-being that starts from the hair and translates into the well-being of the person

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